#Ify4NYC Special Election Announcement

For Immediate Release: January 21, 2019

Contact: nina@megaphonestrategies.com

After Successful Petition Drive, Public Advocate Candidate Ike Makes Major Announcement

Brooklyn, NY — After a successful petition drive with one of the most diverse campaigns of volunteers and supporters, the Ify For NYC team released the following statement:

“More than 5000 people rallied to the banner of People over Profit—a message first-time grassroots candidate Ifeoma Ike has led since she entered this Public Advocate race two months ago. Unfortunately, through no fault of the candidate, our election lawyer failed to file an administrative document required to secure Ify’s place on the ballot. The impact of this careless action means one less viable option for New Yorkers to choose for Public Advocate on February 26. But this is not the end for Ify’s political career.

Though extremely disappointing, Ify has never needed a public office to fight for people who are historically disenfranchised by those in power. She will continue advocating for all New Yorkers by raising the issues that affect those disproportionally marginalized. Ify thanks every volunteer, and supporter for their tireless work these last few weeks and intends to stay in public life and announce her next steps shortly.”

Fellow public advocate candidate, Councilman Rafael Espinal had this to say about Ike,"Ify Ike represents the bright future of New York City and I'm confident this is only the beginning for her. I’ve personally been inspired by her candidacy and I would’ve voted for her if I wasn't running to be Public Advocate. Ify's message is clear and true: women and people of color endure New York City's deepest challenges and so they must have leading roles in efforts to solve those challenges. Ify's visionary work behind the scenes has improved the lives of people on the margins in our city and throughout the country.”

He added, “It's unfortunate that New Yorkers will have one less option in this special election, due to flaws in our democratic process. We need true reform to the ballot petition rules that currently only favor candidates with big money supporting them."

Ify is the only candidate who has citywide executive leadership experience, having co-directed over $26 million to ensure the City advanced equity for young people of color and their families and securing over an additional $1million in NY State My Brother’s Keeper funding. She has served as a behind the scenes movement attorney and policy maker over the years, supporting actions addressing police brutality, immigrant rights and drafting legislation addressing voting rights, strengthening unions and domestic violence. A former congressional staffer and US

House Judiciary counsel, Ify is a co-founding Principal at Think Rubix, the start-up behind the Woke Vote voter engagement model that impacted Black voter turnout in the South. She was a member of the Mass Bail Out team, the month-long effort that freed over 100 women and children from Rikers; recently led a 12-month citywide effort to advance culturally-relevant mental health access and education to communities of color; and co-created JustLeadershipUSA, a major player in the #CloseRikers campaign.

In her second week on the campaign trail, Ify won the Democratic Socialists of America-NY straw poll and was strongly considered by several unions and community leaders still deliberating who they should endorse. Ify intends to make a decision about her future political plans in the coming weeks.